The Advantages of Slide Gates vs. Swing Gates

slide gate rocky mountain access gates

Automatic gates are growing more and more in popularity and offer a number of advantages. You can choose between slide gates and swing gates, but you will have to consider the location of the main entrance, the environment, and also the level of security you need.

Swing gates have a simpler construction, so they are cheaper, but they have certain disadvantages that slide gates do not have:

They require more space inside the opening, so if you have a limited entrance area, swing gates will not be the best option for you. You should also know that they do not fit too well in sloped areas, unless there is a lot of space underneath the gate, because the slope prevents its normal movements. In addition, the exterior opening design is not optimal and would be convenient only for residential gates.

Swing gates are more sensitive to wind, and this may cause stress on long-term gate mechanics, and, overall, they are considered less safe than sliding gates.

Slide gates – advantages

  • Compact installation: a big plus for the slide gates is that they allow more space for a vehicle to pass through on a property.
  • They are harder to break or force open and look safer, acting as a deterrent
  • Slide gates do not need space inwards or outwards to open properly
  • They are suitable even for uneven or sloped terrains

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