Should You Have Your Gate Serviced for the Winter Weather?

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Your gate is among the few exterior elements that actually have moving parts. As a result, servicing it before the winter freeze arrives is usually a must, as it can be easy for gates to be affected by changing temperatures. Metal gates in particular tend to contract and expand when faced with temperature changes, so you definitely don’t want to come home one day and find that your gate is stuck because of the freeze.

Servicing your gate should involve checking all moving and electronic parts. The locks and the parts that connect your gate to the fence, as well as all the small electric and electronic components of your gate that make automatic and remote locking possible – if you have smart features installed – should all be checked.

It’s also a good idea to check the gate’s elevation from the ground and make sure that it’s at an appropriate height. Otherwise, precipitation and other environmental stressors can cause the gate to drag over the ground and damage your walkway.

It’s best to find a dependable gate installation Denver contractor who can not only evaluate the condition of your gate but also offer solutions for repairing or replacing it, if needed. Consider calling one of your local experts to take a look, and comparing their evaluations with the opinions of others before making your choice.