Important Questions Relating to Gate and Fence Maintenance: Should You Oil Your Gate?

Important Questions Automated Gate Opener

When you wonder about using the right lubricant for your gate or even whether you should oil it at all, there are a few very important details to take into account. The gate you own right now is pretty unique, and while it’s similar, for example, to other gates made from the same materials, the hinges and some of the other metal components such as best automatic gate opener might require extra care, if you don’t want them to rust.

So, should you actually oil your gate? The obvious answer is yes. If you fail to do that frequently enough, the gate will start to make noises each time someone opens it, and eventually it could also suffer from rust and damage. Oiling your gate is the easiest and best ways to prevent all that, keep your gate operating smoothly and make sure that it doesn’t suffer too much damage over time.

Now, it’s a little tricky when deciding on the type of oil to use. Typically, the manufacturer or contractor should have provided you with a specific type of oil that you should use. You can apply it once every 6 months or so for best results, and you can find more of it when it’s depleted by either contacting your contractor or finding an online supplier. If you can’t find the same type of oil, make sure you avoid any WD40 or similar products, and aim for white lithium grease or oil instead.