How to protect your home and business from intruders

Recommendations for preventing home theft:

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-Adapt the security measures to the type of home and the values to be protected, so that prevent intruders from speculating your negligence in securing your home (installation of fences and security gates Denver contractors install that ensure the security you need, the choice of locks provided with keys that cannot be easily multiplied and the purchase of locking/ securing systems that correspond in terms of security standards).

-Avoid storing valuable things in plain sight
-Do not provide information about the assets you own
-Do not allow access to the house to those who come to present you various “promotions”, for charity or for opinion polls! If people who claim to represent institutions that provide public services (rodent control, electrical, thermal or gas installations, etc.) knock on your door, do not allow them in unless they have identity documents.
-Do not tell your acquaintances or post details about your trips away from home on social networks.

 To protect your commercial space:

-Provide adequate lighting of the access doors at night. Important: doors must have alarm systems, secure locks and security grilles.
-Do not keep large sums of money in cash registers and do not provide security information to anyone.
-Carefully select your staff. Quite often unfortunately, criminals act with the support and complicity of the staff serving the unit.

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