How Remotely Accessed Automated Gates Work

Rocky Mountain Access Controls Automatic Gates Remotely Access

Automatic gates from Rocky Mountain Access Controls of Denver are extremely convenient solutions, which ensure security, but also easy access to a property. All you have to do is to walk up to the gate and it will magically open before you (although magic has nothing to do with it is all pure science!)

But how do these automatic gates actually work?

Automatic gates work using a range of sensors that can detect different things such as sound, light, weight and movement. There are many different types of sensors and each can be perfect for a particular environment. For example, some gates use weight sensors to detect when someone is sitting on an object that resembles a piece of metal.

Another popular method consists of motion sensors. They detect movement around the gate, in certain predefined areas, and send a signal to the gate to open, when they are triggered. After the sensor has been triggered, a message is sent to an electrical system that is directly connected to both the sensor and the clasp, thus controlling the opening and closing mechanism of the gate.

This mechanism is attached to the automatic gates and uses a gear wheel that is connected by rubber straps to control the movement of the gate. Mechanisms work together with sensors to ensure that the gate will work whenever someone wants to pass.