How Automated Gates Have Evolved in Recent Years

electric gates great popularity

Today, automated gates come in an incredible variety of styles and types, some simple and consisting of only a sturdy door controlled with the help of a remote-control device, others complicated and integrated with the home’s smart system. This variety is the result of a long period of development and engineering research – here are a few things to know about the evolution of the automated gate:

  • Electric gates have been around since the 19th century – the very first electric gate was installed in 1881 and used in Canada, to control a railway crossing. The invention became popular very quickly and by 1884 it was already popular at the other side of the Atlantic, in France.
  • Continued popularity – electric gates continued to enjoy great popularity and they spread quickly too other areas. By the 1970s, automated gates were common in apartment complexes, and they gradually became the go to gate solution for single family homes as well.
  • Increasing sophistication – after automated gates have become commonplace known to everyone, engineers started to look into the ways to make gates more sophisticated. One of the ways to achieve that was smart integration, that is, the option to include the automated gate into the smart system installed in the building, suitable for being controlled from a mobile device.