Common Uses for Bollards on Commercial Properties

stainless steel bollards

Bollards are short, sturdy vertical posts made from metal, steel, plastic, concrete or stone that are available in fixed and movable versions. The short poles can serve many purposes, mainly in the realm of access control, with the additional benefit of being efficient carriers for marketing materials, too. Here are some of the most common commercial uses of bollards:

  • Airports – these facilities use bollards extensively for delimiting areas where traffic is or is not allowed as well as for the regulation of traffic;
  • Storefronts located close to parking areas – bollards are the most common solutions used for delimiting the areas destinated to pedestrian traffic from the areas destined to parking cars;
  • Shopping centers – bollards are widely used in malls and shopping centers. The purpose of using bollards ranges from preventing accidents and property damage to signaling any changes in traffic patterns;
  • Warehouses – bollards are especially useful in these facilities, their usage serving the purpose of achieving enhanced security for the goods stored as well as for the people working on the premises;
  • Restaurants – these facilities also use bollards to delimit parking lots and sidewalks. The bollards installed by restaurants are likely to be used as carriers for the restaurant’s advertisements as well.

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