Can You Add Gate Automation On Any Gate?

Rocky Mountain Access Gate Automation Question Solution

Those who want this hi-tech feature in their home system can rest assured that adding gate automation is possible for mostly any gate. For instance, the job is straightforward if your gate is equipped with hinges facing each other.

And if you have the type of gate that lacks hinges facing each other, a good option would be to add metalwork or other elements, such as brackets, to make it possible to add automation to your gate.

We also have to mention that you can even add underground motors to an existing gate, but it all depends on geometry. At the same time, underground motors are more expensive, and installing them costs a bit more than other motors. Nevertheless, they are more discreet.

So changing a manually operated gate to an automated one most certainly can be handled by experienced gate installation Denver professionals. For instance, if you want to automate a swing gate, there are a few conditions.

The gate frame should be rigid and have no cracks or rusty parts. And when the gate opens, there should be enough space behind the gate, while sliding gates ought to be straight and able to slide freely through the whole length of the frame.